The Expert Adviser

Silicon Valley has a mentality of its own. In a market that moves as fast as ours, you need more than data points and information, you need directness and honesty. I'm your trusted advisor with a critical eye, a confidant that will save you from the big mistake as well find you the hidden gem. 

It’s about more than a single transaction - it’s about a valued relationship. It’s a journey we will take together and I can't wait to get started. 


I want to be your trusted advisor and real estate partner throughout your journey.


About Me

If you ever find yourself in a conversation where someone needs a resource quickly and you hear something like, “does anybody know a good plumber/jeweler/lawyer, etc.,” I’m the one who always answers, “I know just the person you should talk to…”

Interior Design

David's Favorites

Check out a few of my favorite things


Backyard Brew

Backyard garden style coffee shop in Palo Alto.

Rick's Ice Cream

Rick’s Rather Rich Ice Cream first opened in 1956 is one of the oldest ice cream shops in Palo Alto, known for its hand crafted ice cream and unique flavors.


Michaela's Flower Shop

Whenever I need a smile, a touch of color, or gift on the run, Michaela's in downtown Palo Alto has me covered.


Contact Me

 DRE# 02114304  

Palo Alto

(650) 399-0121

(650) 323-1900

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